Xsolla eSports Academy Qualifier #2
Sponsored by
Xsolla eSports Academy
Saturday, September 16, 2017 11:00am PDT


Final Results
The Tournament Winner is ‌Rockets Esports
The Runner-Up is ‌Bunny Blasters
Third Place is ‌KARMA
Fourth Place is ‌Veapoc Gaming
Tournament Information
Xsolla eSports Academy is sponsoring a series of qualifying on September 9th and 16th for teams to enter and qualify for the Sep 23rd Finals, featuring a $750 prize pool for the top 2 teams.
In these Qualifying Events, each match victory will bring your team closer to a chance at the Finals. First and second place teams in this event will get an automatic bid for the September 26th Finals. The other participating teams will earn points for each match win, with the leaders moving on to the Finals.

There are no cash prizes for the Qualifying Events. Please be sure to view the rules of the event before registering your team.
This event will be played on NA servers. If you're not a NA team you are still most welcome. However, please be wary of the high ping rate, and play at your own risk.
This event is free to enter
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Registered Teams
Join these high-quality Overwatch teams in this exciting competition.


Team Average Rating: 1 High Player: 1

Bunny Blasters

Team Average Rating: 4177 High Player: 4437




Team Average Rating: 2576 High Player: 4585


not vice


Team Average Rating: 1429 High Player: 5000


Team Average Rating: 1 High Player: 1

Veapoc Gaming

Team Average Rating: 4188 High Player: 4346

Rockets Esports

Team Average Rating: 1266 High Player: 4500